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Decarcerate Louisiana connects people inside and outside of the prison system dedicated for justice and change!

Our History


There is a long legacy of oppression in Louisiana leading to the targeting, criminalizing and imprisoning of racial minorities and poor people. Decarcerate Louisiana started in 2014 when people inside and outside the prison system began supporting one another, organizing, and working for change. 

Our Mission


To connect people inside and outside the prison system; host study circles; work in coalition for legislation that overhauls our penal and criminal justice system while also reinvesting money into our communities; and to ensure that all our members can bring about changes and gain control of their lives.

History of Prisoner Organizing at Angola

Our struggle is not new, prisoners throughout Louisiana have resisted for generations. Check out this video to learn more.  

This video, created by Ayah Saleh and Dylan Cannatella, sheds light on the history of prisoner organizing inside the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.


Our Work

Organizational Documents


  1. After much collaboration between folks inside and outside Angola Prison, we have completed our organizational documents! You can view them online here.

Classmates Not Cellmates!


Too often, our communities are under-resourced and over-policed. While many of our friends, partners, and family members are behind bars, our schools are underfunded at the same time. Our campaign, Classmates Not Cellmates, is raising money for study circles for community education and discussion inside and outside the prison system. Donate here!

Amend The 13th!


We are actively involved in working to challenge the injustices of the 13th Amendment and end prison slavery. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery except for those committed of a crime. Today's prisons are slavery in America, where prisoners are forced to work for pennies every day.  

Image credit: Heshima Denham

Until Justice Rolls Down

Prisoner Blog

Prisoners on the inside are regularly writing about the work that they are doing, fighting to maintain their humanity and building strong campaigns for justice! Check out our blog where we have writing from folks who are currently incarcerated in Louisiana prisons. 

Click here to read the latest on our blog.


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Decarcerate Louisiana

Angola, Louisiana, United States